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Details #

This is a template to add this container to your nas setup full functional with matching permissions and settings that of lochnas repo.

Original maintainer plexinc/pms-docker

How to enable>

How to enable #

Edit your /lochnas/docker-templates/plex/.env file and enable this container with PLEX_ENABLED=true

Go to to grab your claim code to be used for the command below.

ENter your token into .env variable PLEX_CLAIM

Head over to your browser and type http://serverip:32400/web and if you have a response you should be all set. Finalize it by pressing Ctrl + C

You can comment or remove the PLEX_CLAIM variable now.

Additional Configuration>

Additional Configuration #

PLEX_DATA=/lochnas/home/plex - Path to plex media directory mounted inside plex as /lochnas/home