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Details #

This is a template to add this container to your nas setup full functional with matching permissions and settings that of lochnas repo. This assumes you are using plex and transmission paths.

How to enable>

How to enable #

Add the domain ssl replacing with the root domain you entered in your config.yml

/lochnas/server.bin -domain add sonarr.{}

Edit your /lochnas/docker-templates/sonarr/.env file and enable this container with SONARR_ENABLED=true and other variables. You can access it via

To use web access you must have nginx auth password set

Additional Configuration>

Additional Configuration #

Enable root folder>

Enable root folder #

Settings -> Media Management -> Root Folders -> Add Root Folder -> /lochnas/home/path/to/TV

Enable Download clients>

Enable Download clients #

Settings -> Download Clients -> Add + -> Transmission

  • Name: Transmission
  • Enable: Checked
  • Host:
  • Port: 443
  • Use SSL: Checked
  • Username: <transmission username>
  • Password: <transmission password>
  • Category: sonarr

Click test, then Save

Enable Indexers>

Enable Indexers #

Settings -> Indexers -> Add +

Select the indexer your want to enable and configure