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Details #

This is a template to add this container to your nas setup full functional with matching permissions and settings that of lochnas repo.

Original maintainer haugene/transmission-openvpn

How to enable>

How to enable #

Add the domain ssl replacing with the root domain you entered in your config.yml

/lochnas/server.bin -domain add transmission.{}

Edit your /lochnas/docker-templates/transmission/.env file and enable this container with TRANSMISSION_ENABLED=true and other variables. You can access it via

The other variables are required with this vpn only transmission container.

Custom Transmission RSS>

Custom Transmission RSS #

Inside portainer you can add your own rss feeds by making a new container like so

  image: haugene/transmission-rss
    - transmission
    - RSS_URL=http://.../xxxxx.rss

Alternatively we recommend you look at sonarr and radarr apps for a better way to add rss feeds.