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LochNAS Setup

install setup linux ubuntu debian

Requirements #


Install #

Run the following command below

sudo curl -fsSL -o && sudo sh

Edit your config.yml then restart service lochnas restart. If you are running your setup on a residential isp we recommend following our ddns guide.


Updates #

LochNAS uses git to update. You can configure your update schedule via the config.yml file.


Commands #

    server.bin -daemon
        start - Start in background
        stop - Stop background
        restart - restart in background
        install - Install as service
        uninstall - Uninstall service
    server.bin -ddns
        ip - Grab current wanip from router
        refresh - update ddns if ip changed
        force - Force update ddns ip
    server.bin -domain
        renew - Renew all domains
        add - Renew all domains, expects domain as argument
        delete - Renew all domains
    server.bin -apps
        update - Update
    server.bin -server
        notify - Send test notifications
    server.bin -config /path/to/alt/config
Create users and groups (optional)>

Create users and groups (optional) #

This portion is handled by the containers but in some instances file permissions may have changed. We will be using the www-data user to share permissions between services. You can make seperate users and groups if you would like to but I found that this is the easiest way to manage access accross the board.

You can give your user access to any files of www-data with this command.

usermod -aG www-data yourusername

If you need to access the local folder mounted in the compose file at /lochnas/home from nextcloud local storage plugin, you can run the following set of commands on a folder to grant permission:

chown -R www-data:www-data /lochnas/home
chmod -R 770 /lochnas/home

Apps #

Each app has its own .env to enable in /lochnas/docker-templates/{appname}/.env. See app docs for more information to get started. We recommend activating nginx first.

Hint, to see dot files in a folder you need to use ls -a command.